The friendship that has been connecting us for many years and that makes us meet in front of a glass of wine, has grown and has developed in our womens's project in the heart of Verona.

Our land, which gives us wine, quality products and the passion for champagne, have given birth to “La Cuvée Champagne e Territorio”. La Cuvée champagne e territorio“.

You can find us in the heart of the city not far from Piazza Erbe.




We share with our customers the passion for wine, driving them to the best choice for every occasion. We also create personalized gift ideas to make every moment special. The shop also organizes food and wine tours to bring people closer to the reality of our land. In-store purchases can be shipped worldwide through specialized international couriers.



Corte Merci • Villa Canestrari • Corte Moschina • Corte Gardoni • Mazzi Roberto e figli • Dal Forno Romano • Fraccaroli • Malavasi • Monte Saline • Sandro De Bruno • Coffele • Suavia • Rocca Sveva


Charles Heidsieck • Comte De Montaigne • Monmarthe • Jean Vesselle • Mandois • Vincent Couche • Henriet-Bazin • Frederic Savart • De Vilmont • Maxime Blin • J.Charpentier • Béreche & Fils • Lancelot Pienne • JM Sélèque • Paul Déthune • Bonnet-Gilmert • Vazart Coquart & Fils • Henri Giraud • Jean Velut • Laherte Frères • Nathalie Falmet • Gonet-Medeville • Bruno Paillard • Mouzon Leroux & Fils • Collet • Alain Mercier & Fils


Allimant Laugner • Chateau D'Orschwihr • Pierre-Marie Chermette